Tuesday, September 3, 2013


(This blog contains course language...)

So the election looms this Saturday.
And try as I might to step to the side and let it all pass me by, I've found myself being pretty damn frustrated.
After all, what have I got to worry about?
I'm a white looking, middle class male. I've got a regular income and I work hard...
Basically I could vote for any fucking one and it probs wouldn't affect me too much.

But that's the thing.
I find myself, against my own selfish will of course, thinking about other people.

I give a shit about refugees. The whole "cue jumper" rationale has never sat well with me. I mean, it's a no-brainer that if you have to hire some shady motherfucker to ship you to Australia, spending all your life savings or some ridiculous amount in the process and risking drowning in the open seas, you're escaping something pretty heavy.

I also give a shit about gay marriage. I just figure that it's fucking ludicrous to not allow people to be officially married by law. Let people get a mortgage together and be broke and let people see each other in hospital when they're dying. Fuck. Let people have kids and whatever. I was raised by a single mum. If only a man and a woman are meant to raise a kid then fuck me in the ear hole with a steak knife I'm fucked. My dad was a cunt. I wish I had two mums. So fuck you.

Economy blah blah blah. Did you watch Q&A on Monday night? Pretty much every question was "how can I afford a mercedes I'm sick of driving this honda accord"...
Okay okay I'm being a bit unfair but it was a session filled with some interesting questions that were of the basic opinion that we, as Aussies are doing it tough...

And I'm sure there ARE Aussies "doing it tough"... (our homeless people, our people struggling with mental health conditions that aren't supported... you know, the ones who don't make the news unless it's to scapegoat them as "the other").

But overall I have this strange feeling that our Australian mentality to support the underdog has a real inability to recognise when
we're not the underdog.
Apart from the above mentioned mentally ill and homeless people, Indigenous people and immigrants, the rest of Australia is pretty well off.

White Australia is doing fine. As always.

Isn't it funny how these issues aren't in the news unless they're put in as a fear campaign against "Australian values" (which I have come to realise are: fuck you, I'm from Straya cunt and I want another drink).

So why do we feed this system of fear? Why do we need to believe we're fucked? Do we continually reference our forefathers who fought and died for us to reference our lame problems? I reckon our forefathers are sitting there going "pack of whining cunts, get a real problem."

And for me the real problem is the inherent racism and prejudice within Australia. The fact that a myth around refugees has been used for as long as I've been alive in order to get votes. A perpetuated white "overlording" of Indigenous issues has continually kept the complex issues involved in the first people of this nation in the shadows. Or pulled out every now and then as a convenient news story about how shit "they" are. And some sort of inbuilt christian or catholic fear means we're so fucking scared of gay people procreating because, y'know, they may not get divorced as much as we do and that would be HUMILIATING.

And let's please not even mention the environment or carbon tax. For fucks sake. Mining and CSG and mining and CSG. "Fuck the reef unless you're paying to see it." That's our next ad campaign didn't you know?

I'm not voting for Abbott. No fucking way.
There, I've said it.
The dude scares the fuck outta me. Australia can't take that step backwards.
And that's what voting for him means to me. An Australia that values only the selfish and doesn't value people. People. You, me, your friends and family. Your potential friends and family.

If you invited Abbott around for a beer and a bbq he would leer at your daughter and wouldn't help with the washing up.
Ruddy would probably at least play pool. He probably wouldn't help with the washing up either but he might stack the dishes.

It's frustrating watching the blatant media campaign for Abbott. Please don't fall for it.
Put Liberal last on your ballot box.
You don't have to vote Labor either.
I'm not.
There. That's my political rant which I didn't want to get involved in because it'll start fights.
But I'm sick of trying to rationalise with an irrational argument. Which is pretty much all Liberal voters have given me. The irrational, impenetrable arguments of the ill informed.

My next blog will be about abortion and religion.


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