Monday, August 22, 2011

Dated 1832

Smooth sailing
down the coastline
scurvy and chlamydia in plentiful supply

We will take the head back
to England
for display

Fortune shine on us
there may be a few in for a hunt!

Those eyes when we entered the channel

Falling whispers

Otherwise smooth sailing
down the coastline

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Other vagrants

It's been a busy year and such... Uni + Poetry + Relationships = Crazy. But I've been privileged to know and get to know many amazing artists, teachers, organisers and general vagrants of the world.

Most notably I have been a part of The Broken Records Collective for the past year with Betsy Turcot and Doubting Thomas.
Check it out, we like you, don't be afraid.

Just last Sunday I was involved with a new Spoken Word event in West End at a great lil space called Jam Jar. It involved accapella, acoustic spoken word/slam/performance poetry (so NO mics!) in a dynamic area out the back of the restaurant. The way the space sat, the crowd involvement and the abilities of the poets/rappers/slammers combined into a truly unique view of the spoken word world.
Joelistics, Doubting Thomas, Fern Thompsett, Geoff Lemon (check out his new job at Going Down Swinging too), and myself all had a lot to share and the crowd went away NOT saying negative things. Happy days. In fact there was a discreet air of people impressed with something a bit new and a bit different, kinda like if you go to Bread Top and buy a crazy roll made from green tea and it's actually yum. So yum... Damn green tea rolls...

This video was made on the (supposed) last day on earth. Rapture baby...

Darkwing Dubs - If Jesus Was Born Again. from thomas on Vimeo.

Made by Thomas Day and Darkwing Dubs sauntering through West End's main strip.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

When the world begins again

So I've decided to give this another go. When last I blogged stuff it felt really weird and uninviting, especially to me. I don't think there was anything bad about what was on here. But... I dunno... it just kinda got the better of me until I convinced myself to tear the fuckin site down. Which is impossible or something because it's still here, blinking at me like the eye of Sauron.

The picture is from my recent trip to NT and a small Indigenous community I visited to volunteer in a school holiday program. I spent much time writing and exploring the surrounding countryside, when I wasn't playing basketball with kids who taught me to swear in Arrente language...

There's a road that leads to
and everywhere
at once.

Where the earth stares at the
and can't hide its

Where they roll out the
red carpet for you.
Red sky
red dust.

On this road that leads to
and everywhere
at once.